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Working with parents and caregivers

At Grace Counselling and Education it is important that parents and caregivers feel and are supported in their caring roles.

In therapy, you are a co-therapist and co-facilitator along with me, in the healing journey.

Being able to understand and meet the needs of your child or young person and to provide safe relational connection, co-regulation, as well as safe and supportive environments, will help your child or young person to grow, learn and heal.

Be sure to check out the following links for some great resources:

Kids Help Line:

Parenting SA:

School TV: Check if your school has subscribed to this great resource.



Bringing Up Great Kids Program

I am a Bringing Up Great Kids group facilitator. One way I can support you as a parent or caregiver or for families in our communities is through this program.


Developed and established by the Australian Childhood Foundation in 2005, Bringing Up Great Kids (BUGK) is a long-running and acclaimed program with more than 4,000 registered facilitators trained nationally. It has had more than 50,000 parents benefit from it since it started.

The BUGK Program is an integrated suite of activities and tools that are unique and offer all parents and carers a fresh way to understand and enact relationships with their children.

It has been evaluated and found to be an effective program in supporting the development of mindful and positive relationships between parents/carers and children. 

It focuses on building positive and nurturing relationships between parents and their children. The program aims to support parents to review and enhance their patterns of communication with their children, to promote more respectful interactions and encourage the development of children’s positive self-identity.

BUGK is constantly evolving and now has developed into new variations that meet the needs of parents from different backgrounds and with different experiences.

About the program

The Bringing Up Great Kids program is built on the understanding that parents need good support to be the kind of parents they aspire to be.


It recognises the significant challenges faced by parents and provides self-care strategies for them. It also helps parents understand that there is no perfect recipe for raising great kids.


The program uses ideas of mindfulness and reflection to support parents to review and enhance their patterns of communication with their children. It promotes respectful interactions and encourages the development of children’s positive self-identity.

BUGK is fun, interactive and guilt-free. The focus is not on acquiring skills to improve children’s behaviour but offers a general overview about parenting. It gives parents practical help to understand the emotional development of their children, develop attentive communication skills with them, and enjoy the two-way learning journey of parenthood.

The program is structured as an unfolding story that centres around six chapters. Each chapter builds upon the previous, helping parents to improve their approach to parenting. It is child-centred, family focussed and strengths based.

By the end of the program parents will:

  • Know how to build positive and respectful relationships with their children

  • Identify how to respond to their children’s needs

  • Understand their parenting styles

  • Understand the messages they give and receive

  • Be able to source information and support for their parenting roles

For more information, check out:

and speak to Carolyn about running a group in your area.

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