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Confidential and caring counselling, education and support for children, young people and their families...

What journey in life are you and your child or young person finding yourself on? Are you travelling alone or supporting someone else on their life journey?


Is your child or young person experiencing feelings of anxiousness or sadness and not sure why? Have you, as a family, experienced a loss or change in your life? Perhaps there been a death of a family member or friend or a traumatic incident you've experienced?


Are you going through a separation or divorce and concerned about the impact for and the wellbeing of your child or young person? Has your child or young person been exposed to family violence or is at risk of harm?

Sometimes life's journeys may leave us feeling sad, confused, lonely and questioning. Perhaps you have thought about seeking counselling for your child or young person, or as a family,  but are not sure where to start.

At Grace Counselling and Education I provide sensitive, caring and confidential counselling for children, young people and their families.


I work together with your child or young person with your family. As the adults you become co-therapists and co-facilitators of healing for your family.

I will respect you and seek to understand your story and to journey with you.

I aim to provide a safe environment for you to talk about what you and your family are experiencing, to help express feelings through creative ways and to make meaning of the situation.  I understand this may take time and know there is no time limit on how long you may need to work through this.  I will work with you and your family for as long as you need.

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​Some of the areas I can support you with are

Lifestyle Transitions and Changes
Family Violence and Abuse
Separation and Divorce
Culture shock and Reverse Culture Shock and Readjustment
Other Family Stress
Bereavement and Loss
Risk of Harm
Critical Incidents

 Grace Counselling and Education​

we seek to understand your story and journey with you...​

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